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14-Nov-2017 20:37

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Rather than reporting to his agency, he attempted to handle the situation on his own.Koide managed to negotiate the girl’s money request down to 2 million yen (,000 USD).The two were said to have met at a bar which lead to them spending 6 hours together at the Imperial Hotel Osaka, where they reportedly had unprotected intercourse 5 times even when she said she did not want to continue because it was painful. Netizens sniffed around the internet and potentially identified the girl by the watch pictured in photograph above via Instagram.It seems she is indeed 17-years-old as reported, but is not a high school student and is a single mother.She gave birth in Kharkiv, with the aid of forceps and retractors.The 3 kg (6.6 lb), 52 cm (20 in) infant girl died during labor due to an early placental tear; she had been born at full term and apparently of good constitution and, according to doctors, would have survived if she had been extracted more quickly, revived, and oxygenated.

Pantueva's parents did not want the obstetricians to perform a cesarean section, as it was considered dangerous at the time.Actor Keisuke Koide, 33, was indefinitely suspended from his entertainment activities earlier this week following reports of his misconduct with a 17-year-old girl in May.