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However, there are exceptions if the use of the vehicle qualifies as a working condition fringe benefit (such as the use of a qualified nonpersonal use vehicle).

A working condition fringe benefit is any property or service provided to you by your employer for which you could deduct the cost as an employee business expense if you had paid for it.

These 2 chemicals are probably at the top of the list of maybe 5-10 chemicals which may cause fecal/gas/cabbage smells, with TMA possibly being a much lesser 'player'.

So CH3S and DMS are welcome candidates for (partly/mainly) causing metabolic malodor, and in this paper the researchers seem to believe they have identified the gene for 'a new metabolic malodor syndrome disorder'.

This rest requirement isn’t satisfied by merely napping in your car. You leave your home terminal on a regularly scheduled round-trip run between two cities and return home 16 hours later. You get an hour off at your turnaround point to eat. Armed Forces on a permanent duty assignment overseas, you aren’t traveling away from home.

You don’t have to be away from your tax home for a whole day or from dusk to dawn as long as your relief from duty is long enough to get necessary sleep or rest. During the run, you have 6 hours off at your turnaround point where you eat two meals and rent a hotel room to get necessary sleep before starting the return trip. Because you aren’t off to get necessary sleep and the brief time off isn’t an adequate rest period, you aren’t traveling away from home. You can’t deduct your expenses for meals and lodging.

You can’t deduct these expenses even if you have to maintain a home in the United States for your family members who aren’t allowed to accompany you overseas.

Generally, your tax home is your regular place of business or post of duty, regardless of where you maintain your family home.

It includes the entire city or general area in which your business or work is located.

That seems to be part of the problem, I whittled the regex down to \d\d\d and that works (i.e. That'd be a real nice property to add, but it won't work.… continue reading »

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You can run the virtual machine image with the expectation of complimentary which Windows 10 will come installed for you.… continue reading »

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The chat service will request you to configure your chat room and give you room host abilities.… continue reading »

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24UR vreme 24UR vreme is a weather broadcast lasting for 5 minutes before the main 24UR news show at pm every day. The show, which was airing every Thursday, was hosted by one of the best known Slovenian journalists and TV hosts - Uroš Slak.… continue reading »

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