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And while Boston Dynamics doesn't demonstrate any door opening in its video, the arm attached to the top seems strong enough and well enough articulated to manage the feat. Spot Mini is 65 pounds with an arm — about the weight of a golden retriever. The You Tube video ends with Spot Mini's abortive attempt to deliver a Diet Coke.

Weight isn't just important for robots getting better battery life, or not breaking when they fall over. It's an impressive outtake, and props to Boston Dynamics for including it — direct human-robot interaction is super hard, and often kind of dangerous.

It's something even I'm not very good at, if I'm being honest.

Even just holding something securely without crushing it is still at the cutting edge of robotics.

This point is becoming increasingly clear as I wander through the odd world of teledildonics and marvel at the leaps and bounds by which the technology – once in the realm of fantasy – has become a mundane reality.

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It's much easier to solve with a stable robot on a wheeled platform, but then that robot becomes useless in almost any home that has steps, differing levels, or even thick carpet — which is most of them. Boston Dynamics will probably have to figure out a way to make an even lighter robot, or to make it so aware of its surroundings that it will have zero chance of harming a human. I think the first robot that can reliably get something from the kitchen and bring it to you will be an amazing seller, and basically singlehandedly usher in the era of home robotics.

Spot Mini can climb steps and negotiate uneven terrain, so that's basically solved. Spot Mini is obviously close to achieving this all-important feat.

Instead of the battlefield, or the sort of emergency situations the DARPA Robotics Challenge was targeting, Spot Mini is clearly designed for the home: it's electric, lightweight, and almost cute. We even have tele-operated video conferencing screens on wheels.

With the Harmony AI, they will be able to actually create these personalities instead of having to imagine them.

They will be able to talk to their dolls, and the AI will learn about them over time through these interactions, thus creating an alternative form of relationship.

Things don't end well for the Diet Coke, however, or Spot Mini. Spot Mini has to identify the correct human (not, for instance, the camera man), find a free hand on the human, then put a Diet Coke in this hand and release the Diet Coke at the precise moment it can know the human has a good grip.

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This is beyond just a mechanical task, it's a how-do-humans-think task.

Until then, Boston Dynamics' tech demos will always be thrilling, but still far from practical. Can it ever learn how to chill out and be adorable?