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They may be able to help victims fill out a PFA petition or go with the victim to court.

Advocates can give victims information about the county PFA process and help victims to make a safety plan.

A PFA order describes certain things the abuser must do or is forbidden to do in regard to a victim, and can include many kinds of protection.

For example, a PFA order can make it illegal for the abuser to contact, harass and abuse the victim and the victim's children.

The defendant may become angry or try to contact the victim after getting the notice.

It is important for victims to see an advocate at the local domestic violence program to make a safety plan for the period of time before the final hearing, especially if the judge does not give a temporary PFA order.

If the abuser does not follow the order, there can be criminal charges.An advocate at the local domestic violence program can help a victim create a safety plan for the family.Although the PFA Act is a Pennsylvania law, every county has a different process to get a PFA order.What a victim says to a domestic violence program advocate is confidential.

By law, an advocate cannot repeat what victims tell them, even if called into court by a judge.

Even though each county is different, the legal process follows the same general pattern.

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