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The congregation on Longfellow Park primarily consists of students—mostly undergraduates—from Harvard, MIT, and other Boston-area universities.

The building houses three worship meetings on Sundays, the first of which is called the Sacrament Meeting, that together last until approximately pm.

“This is a very unique place to be a Mormon,” says Philip M. “If you are here, you decided not to go to [Brigham Young University], so already you have a fairly interesting cross section of Mormons.” Ngo, who grew up in Utah and has many friends who attended BYU says that living in this environment, among a diverse population of ambitious students, has tested but ultimately strengthened his faith.

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Trusty ’14, a Mormon student from Baltimore, the undergraduate congregation is very tight-knit.

“This is the standard reaction when people find out I’m Mormon,” she says, laughing. ’ another Harvard Mormon and I’m like, ‘Yes,’ and then they’re like, ‘Oh, well, do you know so-and-so?

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