Advice for dating a non christian

08-Jan-2018 22:47

We became verbally abusive to each other, and I dropped the 'D' Bomb in EVERY fight. Despite this, I still noticed myself at times being blatantly disrespectful, both at home and in public.

That said, I feel comfortable coming to you because you seem very wise and non-judgmental. And my family believes Southern women are to be tough, 'give as much as you take', 'and raise cane doing it' type of people.Not to mention embarrassing my husband and causing him to become angry and frustrated with little or no recourse. B is a kind, warm, loving man, who always puts me second only to God.He finds a way to get me everything I want and need even if it seems out of reach. He drives a less expensive car so my children and I can drive around in a nice, new SUV because he says he worries less about us when he knows the car is safe and won't break down.That didn't help our marriage in those early years.

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It also didn't help that I was 19 and he was 21 when we started dating, and by 20 I was married.

Plus I have a very strong belief in the mother's basic animalistic right to protect her young in all that could harm them, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.