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As the wife of the island magistrate, Brian Young, she arrived as one of the official representatives of Pitcairn’s bicentennial and had tea with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

Now Brian was accused of six rapes and was hoping that a successful appeal would keep his case from going to trial.

Delving into the South Pacific island’s past, the authors chronicle its 10-year clash with the British legal system, which ripped apart a tiny society.

T he venerable Privy Council sits behind the usual barricades of modern life on prime London real estate at No. The court’s power has faded from its colonial heights, when one of its decisions banned suttee, the Hindu practice of burning the widow with her husband’s body atop his funeral pyre.

Determined to avoid the hangman waiting in London, the outlaws sailed 8,000 miles before finding Pitcairn.

Once there, they burned and sank their ship, then seemed to disappear from the face of the earth.

The trials had been held in a makeshift courtroom on Pitcairn.

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The girlhood crush from that movie never ebbed, and 15 years later it carried her, like so many dreamers before her, to a life, a husband, and children on Pitcairn.That was the beginning, not the end, of the odd colony the mutineers founded.

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