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Sucre eventually finds out that Maricruz is in Chicago and calls her and tearfully tells her that he must stay in Panama until he gets his life back together.In Call Waiting, Sucre asks Lincoln to split the money of Westmoreland.Michael and Sucre corner T-Bag with the intention of turning him in, but T-Bag stabs Sucre in the chest and flees.Sucre receives treatment for this injury but leaves the hospital AMA, to find Maricruz, whom he believes has been trapped by Bellick somewhere back in Mexico.He proceeds to confront Bellick at Sona prison and threatens to shoot him if he doesn't tell him where Maricruz is.He reveals he never really had her and that he chased her off by threatening to arrest them for accessory.

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Sucre later reappears, this time unconscious with a bottle of alcohol in the front steps of Lincoln's hotel room, after which Lincoln takes Sucre in.

He ends up in prison after he attempts to rob a liquor store.

In the flashback episode, "Brother's Keeper", it is revealed that the reason Sucre had held up the store was to get enough money to pay for an engagement ring for Maricruz.

Michael refuses to abandon Sucre and eventually saves his life, which Sucre repays when he saves Michael from the coyote in "Bolshoi Booze", arriving at the meet to reunite with the brothers and flee to Mexico.

Because the brothers decide to stay and solve the conspiracy, Sucre gets on the escape plane alone, having made plans to meet Maricruz, who left Hector at the altar in Vegas.His cousin Hector then tips him off to the cops, as he was also infatuated with Maricruz.