Amour dating connection

05-Aug-2017 04:33

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You'll do a favor for a friend and help drive your future soulmate to New York City.

You'll become friends, even though you argue about sexual attraction always getting in the way of friendships.

At first it'll drive you nuts and you'll bicker quite a bit, but, as different as you are, you'll soon realize that you're actually kind of perfect together and will share a lovely kiss on a fantastic marble staircase. You'll know each other foreveeeeeer, but because you'll also go through puberty together (ugh, middle school), you'll have some rough patches and not stay close.

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You decide to keep the baby and give yourselves a chance at a real relationship.

At first, it doesn't look too hopeful, but years later, you encounter the book and bill, proving there is nothing keeping you apart.