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11-Sep-2017 20:29

In the final episode, when Eleven—now called Jane—closes the gate to the Upside Down, it causes the Demo-dogs on the other side to shrivel up as if dead. The final shot of the season reminds us that the Upside Down still exists, as the Shadow Monster looms ominously over Hawkins Middle School, perhaps looking for its next victim. In the last episode, Hopper officially becomes Jane's dad, thanks to adoption papers illegally obtained by Dr.

Owens, the former head of the Hawkins National Laboratory.

The fan theory, that he is, in fact, Hopper, is still in play.

We also know that at least 10 other Hawkins parents have had children kidnapped.

in 24 hours, let’s examine the lingering questions.

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As for Hopper, is it possible that Kali's powers have made him believe that he had a daughter who died of cancer? The Hawkins lab is shut down, much to the delight of the conspiracy theorist befriended by Jonathan and Nancy.

Besides ,he cannot even enhance the all-star male cast (Londsdale, Serrault, Constantin...) the production generously bestowed on him;one should add that the female cast is rather poor (Sylvia "Emmanuelle" Krystel is very bad but one can see her swim in the nude in her pool).

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There is evidence that Bürgi arrived at his invention as early as 1588, six years before Napier began work on the same idea. Alfred was a grandson of the K&E founder (His mother was Ottilie Keuffel Busch). Was captivated by the magic of the slide rule in grade school. and was a founder of Charvoz, Inc in 1939 and with his wife Angele, were partners with another family, the Gottheimer's, in the Roos Company which manufactured slide rules in New York and distributed re-branded drafting tools made by Ecobra throughout the United States. Henry Coggeshall - Inventor of the Coggeshall slide rule in 1677. GKE Elektronik AB (Gunnar's own company) 1978 onwards. Loren Thompson) most of the modern post-WWII era Dietzgen Instruction manuals. Its remarkable length permitted a high level of precision in calculations; calculations could be made to 4 or 5 significant digits. Stanley continued its production until 1972, as until the introduction of the electronic calculator, it was preferred by astronomers and scientists. He sold his existing products by day, and invented new ones at night. He is the coauthor of a number of study guides for standardized tests such as the GED, CLEP and MCAT. Edmund Gunter - London, England (1581 - 1626), Created a number line (the Gunter Scale) in 1620, in which the positions of numbers were proportional to their logs which graphically represented the work of John Napier. Hagler, who's family ran Georgia Iron Works, Grovetown, Ga., conceived and designed the GIW Hydraulic Slide Rule. Before its invention, each engineer in the engineering department had a large, thick notebook with about 100 pages of graphs. The company considered its Calculex circular calculator to be about the cheapest and most serviceable model available. He took an active part in research and development and patented photographic ammonia developing apparatus. He had recently been appointed chairman of the company. Website John Caulfield Hannyngton, Major General - (1807-1886) Tyrone, UK. His projects included, the Trieste bathyscaphe, NR-1 nuclear research submarine, vessel traffic systems for the Port of Rotterdam, the Suez Canal and the Straits of Malacca, the Coast Guard's National Data Buoy Project and submarine and ship simulators for the Navy and the U. From 1982 to 1996, he was involved in information and telecommunications technology applications for the municipal bond industry.… continue reading »

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