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Spurt after spurt of pearly cum escaped from my dick, as I made a vain attempt to cover myself with a small throw pillow, but all I managed to accomplish was to get my semen all over it. I’m just a horny kid that can’t remember to close my stupid door.” She smiled at me. I was enjoying the sensation, imagining that she was reaching for my cock each time. The girl on the screen was giving the man a blowjob, or at least a simulated one. “They always make it look like the guy always pleases the girl just by fucking her.” Rachel said critically. ” I just shook my head, knowing that if I lifted the bowl, she’d see my raging hard-on. The couple on the screen was both screaming now, in the throes of their simulated orgasms. Rachel had been grinning, but then her face softened. You’re a nice, handsome guy, and it’ll happen in time.

I felt my ears burning, and at that moment, I would have given anything for the earth to open up and swallow me. “I didn’t know you were…I mean I never would have…I’m so sorry for walking in on you like that.” An awkward silence hung over us. “Jeff, do you really think that I didn’t know that guys jack off? I think that you’re just a normal teenage guy doing what comes naturally. It wasn’t a XXX channel, but the Hard R rating showed plenty of tits and ass. “Somebody ought to tell them that it doesn’t work that way. The man sprawled between the girls legs, both of them panting. She looked at me thoughtfully for a moment, as if she wanted to say more, then she decided to say it anyway.

The cool water caused her nipples to harden, not even remotely hidden by her tight top. She leaned over to towel off her legs, then between her legs, and I almost came in my shorts. When my erection had subsided somewhat, I got out of the pool and toweled off.

My eyes traveled down her tanned torso, to her pussy area that bobbed on the surface. I went in the back door and heard the shower running in the hall bathroom. Here I was, alone in my house with the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen, and at this moment, she was totally NAKED in my shower!

She had on a tight-fitting Abercrombie tank, which did nothing but reinforce the fact that she had great tits. “Sure,” I replied, my voice again cracking slightly. We had a pretty large pool, surrounded by a six-foot privacy fence.

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We swam around for a while and generally just goofed off. I watched in admiration while she cut effortlessly through the water. ” My face flushed again, and I just shook my head dumbly. She’d see it sure as the world, and then I’d really be busted.

I was glad that my beginning erection was hidden underwater. I blushed furiously and apologized, but Rachel just laughed it off.