Asp net webservice not updating

12-Dec-2017 19:09

This is most common in classes where you are using class-wide instantiated objects.

If you create and drop your objects within each method, this isn’t going to be a problem, and you are actually following a better guideline by creating at the last necessary moment, and destroying at the first possible moment, not to mention avoiding possible exceptions like Invalid Reference Exception.

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The problem is I have to build my model which I´m working with out of [lets say] 4 tables. Best practice says that view models should be entirely disconnected from your storage entities. So the EDMX entities will have something like App Name. I´m coming from 3-Tier Web Forms projects (Data Access, Business Objects, Web App). Logic is where i implement the business rules around how the application acts, personally i use dependency injection quite heavily so Logic is where i put stuff like my login/crypto logic and business rules.Net: You are trying to use a reference variable who’s value is Nothing/null.When the value is Nothing/null for the reference variable, that means it is not actually holding a reference to an instance of any object that exists on the heap. Net, you are trying to access a string that has not been initialized. You can’t even compile code like the following in C# Remember, a string is a reference type (a character array) that has to have a value.Currently, I 'instinctively' know and code the database fields in my Xelements.

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Potentially it's like silent binding to backend EDMX.Silence is sometimes bad because if I get a column without data there are many suspected causes. Perhaps new clients interacts with separate operation contract for a silent redirection to Backend-Ver 2.0 whilst the existing clients utilize Backend-Ver 1.0.