Benefits of dating a short guy

22-Jan-2018 17:10

Owning your height and acting secure enough to be okay with women wearing heels is a stepping stone to fantastic sex. Daniel Radcliffe is 5’5” and who doesn’t want to fuck Harry Potter?

This Tinder bio suggestion came directly from my friend Dave, who has used it with success. Prince (RIP), the man capable of delivering the most powerful orgasm on the planet, was 5’2”.

The stigma against you is unfair, especially when it comes to Tinder.

When the next option is simply a swipe of a finger away, it’s too easy to dismiss a potentially perfect partner based on shallow attributes.

Women don’t really give a fuck about height IRL, but then we jump on Tinder and we’re faced with all these giant men boasting about their heights (“6’3”, because apparently that’s important to you”) and it starts to feel like a priority.

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A final soothing FYI: I’m still not entirely sure how tall my current boyfriend is, and we live together.

Very occasionally, in my online dating days, I’d encounter men who would be ultra specific about a preferred hair colour, body shape or breast type, and be outraged.

Surely you’ve got to be horribly shallow and creepy if you’re basing your requirements for long term happiness on cup size?

And after many more meetings, when we both felt confident enough about our future to discuss our respective pasts, we compared notes on dating.

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“Women seem to be very keen on height and good grammar,” mused by boyfriend.Theme parks have less stringent height requirements than some of the single women I know. When I went on my very first date with the man who is now my boyfriend, I remember being a little taken aback by the fact that, in my modest two and a half inch heels, I could see clearly over the top of his head.

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