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Other colleges of note include the Schools of Agricultural and Life Sciences; Design, Construction and Planning; and Veterinary Medicine.

With a small campus of just 2,000 students, USFSM's main focus is providing an individualized educational experience; the school boasts a student-to-faculty ratio of 13:1 and a 92% student satisfaction rate.

With these factors in mind, review this year’s finalized list of the best 4-year schools in Florida.

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To round out the student experience, UCF is currently home to more than 600 student clubs and organizations, including a meditation group, an advertising club, the Biomedical Engineering Society, and a thriving Greek life.Funding troubles hit low-performance schools as part of the state’s new performance-based funding scheme.This may mean reductions in state funding and financial aid for students in affected schools.The average high school GPA for incoming FSU students is 3.92, as reported by Princeton Review, so academic excellence is required.

Students in need of a more budget-friendly option should be careful.With a 93% freshman retention rate and a commitment to providing exceptional teaching opportunities -- including six Nobel Laureate faculty members -- students at FSU enjoy many features that aren't standard at most institutions.