Best taglines for online dating profiles

19-Jan-2018 02:31

But that specific information has only one purpose. When he digs deeper he can get a more fleshed-out understanding of your life situation, desires, and interests.

Here’s the key to a statement that is compelling rather than generic.

Many women start off their dating profile with generic bits of information.

The information does not seem generic to them, but it does to a stranger browsing through pictures with headlines and short taglines. “Fun-loving gal, seeks emotionally mature partner who knows how to have a good time! It has the, “I like to party,” flavor to it, but that is such a generic flavor that it is unlikely to stand out to a man who might be a good match.

"Men are visual," Donaldson says, "So if you don't appeal to their sense of beauty, they will not write to you." He recommends one or two photos minimum but never more than four.

Schreffler stresses the importance of content: "Great dating profiles do not have shots of women with their cats.

That kind of person will feel compelled to learn about the person behind that third tagline, even though she never said, “I have a great sense of humor,” or, “I am a pet lover.” She could have said it that way, but it would have sounded bland and generic.

Once you have his attention, he will click on your profile to read your personal statement.

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Alternatively, you could support that idea with one or two compelling facts about yourself.Use whatever space you have to communicate a single idea that will stand out among all the generic taglines.