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A number of behavioral factors are important to HIV transmission patterns in MSM, including numbers and types of sex partners, frequency of sex, and condom use with different types of partners.Having a large number of casual male sex partners has long been recognized as an important risk factor in the transmission of HIV [] found that having four or more sex partners within six months was the behavioral factor that contributed most to HIV incidence, with an attributable risk of 32.3%.

These total numbers of sex partners were classified, by sex of the partners, as either main sex partners ("someone you feel committed to above all others"), or casual sex partners.An α level of 0.05 was used throughout for both hypothesis testing and interval estimation.A total of 17,333 potentially eligible men were approached; 13,670 (79%) consented and completed an interview, and 11,471 reported sex with another man in the 12 months before the interview.Data are from the first MSM cycle of the National HIV Behavioral Surveillance system, conducted from 2003 to 2005.

Relationships between number of casual male sex partners within the previous year and demographic information, self-reported HIV status, and risk behaviors were determined through regression models.These were interactions between race/ethnicity and HIV status [ We used data from the first MSM cycle of the National HIV Behavioral Surveillance system (NHBS-MSM1), collected from MSM in 15 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) from November 2003 to April 2005; participating cities have been previously reported [].