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It’s not the job she wants to do but she knows she has to make some money with the toys before she can begin her own fashion line, which is what she really wants. BG: But Josh is young enough to make a career switch.

[He wants to become a writer, as Ethan Hawke’s character becomes.] JC: It’s a quarter-century crisis.

JC: I think they want to try to do the right thing. She certainly doesn’t want to hurt her fiancé back home. DP: In her director’s statement, Emily Ting, who has spent a lot of time there, describes Hong Kong as being a “magical” but “sometimes alienating metropolis.” I won’t give away the ending, but IF Josh and Ruby end up together, do you think that they’d stay in Hong Kong or return to America?

She’s the one to say, “I’m cheating.” Josh’s first response is: “We’re not doing anything. It’s a character in the film and it is being introduced to western audiences in a way they’ve never seen before outside of action films.

“Ruby (Jamie Chung), a Chinese American toy designer from L.

A., visits Hong Kong for the first time on business.

They part ways but run into each other a year later, after she has moved to Hong Kong.

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DP: I know you have to identify some with your characters, but–and I consider them very likable–have you ever thought about whether they are good people? DP: Was it a completely romantic setting in your view, or did you want it to be partly alienating? I think she would have said immediately if he was married. He’s the one who is essentially saying, “I know it’s bad but let’s take it a little further.” I think Ruby is more innocent in the first act, because she doesn’t have a boyfriend then, and [not knowing Josh has a boyfriend], she is the one who is pushing it. ” “What if my boyfriend back home is the man of my life? DP: You two seem so comfortable on screen together, like you’ve been acting together for years. DP: I read in that you did that so it wouldn’t appear that your characters had your own high degree of chemistry, especially when they first met. DP: Was there discussion about whether their second meeting a year later was fate, confirming they are destined to be with each other?