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We search hard and wide to bring you the hunkiest in male muscle, fitness jocks, bodybuilders and male athletes! We pay them well, we pay them on time, and we work hard to take care of our guys! Our jocks keep more of their earnings than on any other site!Dance is athletic too, but that doesn’t make it a sport.The Governator continued his rant, recalling the early bodybuilder and actor Steve Reeves from the generation before his own.

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Now, no one but the most ardent muscle fetishist would want to have sex with the cartoon characters who place at Mr. They’ve gone from flesh-and-bone Davids to circus freaks, and it’s a lot safer for an unenlightened meathead to idolize another man for his genetic and gym/drug/diet-fueled freakishness than his beauty.

Mc Millan’s competitive edge is the symmetry and balance of his body, the lines of which flow in a way that normal people might identify as “attractive.” , though that is ultimately what this “sport” is about.