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20-Jul-2017 12:39

Trump and Putin also shook hands and spoke briefly before an APEC plenary session on Saturday and the two world leaders briefly met during a so-called class photo on Friday night, where all the heads of state come together to take a photo before the summit officially starts.

The two shook hands and briefly spoke before the photo was snapped.

Victorian literature is rife with diarists, steeped in Enlightenment thought but not especially prone to play the hero, who painstakingly log the deterioration of truths they took for granted as if their salvation might yet lie in clean syntax and rigorous attention to detail. John Seward.) In his account, Comey is an upstanding man who feels professionally and morally obligated to chronicle the unraveling of governmental pieties he’s spent his life protecting.

President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will not hold a formal meeting at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit here in Vietnam, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders has told reporters.