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So he went through extensive and intensive training under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, for the express purpose of understanding the prophetic office and ministry.

This training has enabled him to move into the realm of accurate prophetic ministry.” Online Source Allegedly, Prophet Manasseh Jordan has the unique ability to motivate people to move beyond mediocrity and embrace excellence and wholeness in their lives.

“To now be able to bring viewers on that journey with me to these amazing communities in cities across the U. Tadias Magazine By Tadias Staff October 20th, 2017 New York (TADIAS) – The 2017 Hub of Africa Addis Fashion Week recently wrapped up in Ethiopia’s capital displaying an eclectic collection of styles from twenty one designers representing seven African countries and models from five nations.

The featured designers included: Mafi (Ethiopia), Yordi (Ethiopia), Adama Paris (Senegal), Anayngo Mpinga (Kenya), Samra Luxury Leather Collection (Ethiopia), Ejig Tibeb (Ethiopia), Ratatouille (Ethiopia/Brazil), Russell Solomon (Nigeria), House of Eden (Ethiopia/USA), Ye’Fiker (Ethiopia), Ayni’s Design (Ethiopia), Mantsho (South Africa), Lali (Ethiopia), Mustafa Hassannil (Tanzania), Zaaf (Ethiopia), Arnold Murithi (Kenya), Tg’sh (Ethiopia), Fetel Design (Ethiopia), Yohannes Sisters Couture (Ethiopia).

You see, it still allows Hinn’s ministry to remain relevant by association.

Now though I don’t know enough about Young Prophet, Manasseh Jordan, I will offer this piece of advice: If God called you to preach than darling go learn some scriptures and preach.

But either way, the story of Abebe Bekila – the barefooted Ethiopian man who stunned the world by winning Olympic gold in Marathon at the 1960 games in Rome – is one to be told and in this regard the movie is doing a superb job.

He is an ambassador for UNICEF, co-founder of the Harlem Eat Up!