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Hype Backlash sets in, and people will tend to get a little sick of them.

But for the contestants who finish lower in the ranks, they still have all the recognition—all of the same people watched the show, after all—but are allowed to relax, work at their own pace, and develop a high-quality body of work that people are more likely to enjoy.

Also note that, almost by definition, many more people win than do (for every winner, there are multiple "runners-up" from the top Ten or Twelve contestants.) So even if any given winner is more likely to hit it big than any given runner-up, you still might see more runners-up who become stars than winners.

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When you win, you're and the producers of the show want to capitalize on that.

I knew the Yardbirds had done a lot of work in America – which to me meant audiences who would want to know what I might have to offer – so naturally I was very interested.