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20-Nov-2017 21:40

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New multiplayer game modes include Assault which a battle arena type mode similar to Dota, Stonewall where up to four players must defend a small town against wave after wave of enemies and Panzerkrieg which is another battle arena type mode with tanks.

Release Date: Sep 2, 2010Genre: MMO RTSTheme: World War IIGame Modes: Multiplayer Company of Heroes Online was a free massively multiplayer online RTS game that was released into beta in September of 2010.

Gameplay for both the single and multiplayer modes are basically the same, each map is divided into different resource areas with players needing to gain control of each area in order to collect the different times of resources required to build new units.

The three resources include fuel, manpower, and munitions, each of which are used to not only build units but also for various upgrades to units and buildings.

It features the same two factions introduced in that DLC in single player campaign mode. Forces in the single player campaign of Ardennes Assault are unique and not available in any multiplayer mode.

Another new feature introduced in Opposing Fronts is a system for dynamic and real-time weather effects during game play.

The Company of Heroes series is a series of World War II real-time strategy video games that have been released exclusively on the PC since 2006.

There are a total of eight titles in the series including main releases, expansion packs, and major downloadable content packs.

All titles in the Company of Heroes series have been well received by both fans and critics alike.

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The games offer multiple gameplay modes and options including single-player campaigns, competitive multiplayer games and community created maps.It also is fully compatible in multiplayer play with players of both Company of Heroes and Company of Heroes: Opposing fronts.

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