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Even natural predators, and many of them, wait for baby turtles to hatch.

The survivors mature slowly—it can take up to 40 or 50 years before a sea turtle is ready to mate and reproduce.

Other countries that allowed harvesting turtles and eggs no longer have any turtles gracing their shores.

It is illegal for fishermen to ignore precautions that help protect sea turtles.

All visitors are required to obey regulations for the turtles’ safety.

These are just a few of the ways we are directly and indirectly harming sea turtles. Sea turtles serve important ecological functions and we need them to survive.

Sea turtles are strictly restricted in international trade.

Costa Rica protects the beaches where sea turtles come to nest.

The other sea turtle numbers are not as low, but all are in the tens or hundreds of thousands.

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Consider that their populations used to include millions and millions of sea turtles. The reproductive rates of the turtles are slow, so it is difficult for them to recover from slaughter by poachers and fishermen.

These reptiles play vital roles in their food webs that affect humans.

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