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“I guess you sure left that bomb bay empty, eh Left_Empty!

” He could at least wait until they got back to the barracks to hear it.

Mission 12: Operation Hydra (the second critical mission) is the second outright failure of the campaign.

We knew something was up when Biggins walked into the briefing hut with a stern look on his face, even though we hadn’t done anything wrong recently.

The dino-taming survival game has launched on the Windows Store with Xbox cross-play compatibility and is part of the Play Anywhere program.

Players that own a digital copy on their Xbox One can also play the game on Windows 10, and vice versa, for free.

I satisfy myself with woolen gloves and leather boots for everybody. In the case of the first Skyline, there was a body-swapping twist that made no sense, but was at least an intriguing premise. The John Connor character is someone I would like to see in action.

I also protect everyone by buying Armored Fuselage 1 for the whole plane, because I’m a mensch. Continue reading → Microsoft is bundling Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds with the Xbox One X. She reminds me of what brothers Kiah and Tristan Roache-Turner did in Wyrmwood: Road of the Damned.

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But we don’t get the optional recon photo, which I think is essential to building up your bomber quickly. By the time it’s over, it would have you believe you just watched the origin story for a Terminator style resistance to the alien invasion.

We figured he might cut us some slack for a little longer since we had, you know, just shot down an ace, but all he said was, “Operation Hydra is a critical mission.

We need you to knock out these oil farms deep in enemy territory. Turns out had anything else, because halfway into the mission, he comes on the radio and tells us to intercept a V2 rocket while it is taking off, and shoot it down, before continuing with our mission.

Boy, was Biggins going to let him have it back at the base!

He sheepishly turned to Pilot Officer Brooski and told him the bad news, staying off the intercom so that Rich VR, who was becoming known on board as kind of the wiseacre of the crew, didn’t make up some awful play on words involving his name.We get no money, but do keep our 4500 XP that we got for shooting down a lot of fighters.

Ivana Milicevic Milicevic has been cast opposite two of the most notorious lotharios of popular culture — James Bond and Jerry Seinfeld — as a love interest for the latter (in the "jerk store" episode) and a, well, death interest for the former (in Casino Royale).… continue reading »

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Even though Outlook is the last in the chain, it is often the first level where the troubleshooting takes place as usually this is where the request is coming from.… continue reading »

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