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14-Jan-2018 06:05

Only Titan’s Banana Hammock returns to the league this season, eager to build off a strong finish to last year and hopefully take home the gold.

And now on to the Western Division: First up we have a new GM to the league in Gordor, heading up El Negro Grande.They’ll have no shortage of competition however, as this season has 3 teams coming to us from Limsa.Eskalia Ryumasa has reorganized his team after the disaster that was his first season in the league.As we open the second season, there are new faces to be found everywhere.

This comes as no surprise since 5 of the 6 teams from last season were either banned from the league, fell apart due to financial concerns, or are currently on trial for murder, sexual misconduct, and/or rampant drug abuse.

Now let’s introduce our new teams, starting by rounding out the Eastern Division.

We usually reach max 250 at our bar events but a much bigger number at our black tie balls at Hilton Paddington Hotel and other hotel venues which reach 350 - 450.… continue reading »

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In this episode, we consider whether or not to leave sexual intimacy as an afterthought. We're talking about the ways that stress can affect women's interest in and enjoyment of sex. Practical tips on positioning to help you find gain greater pleasure and intimacy in your marriage bed. Why should wives be interested in learning new positions? … continue reading »

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Contemporary Tongans often have strong ties to overseas lands.… continue reading »

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First impression always matters especially on a first date.… continue reading »

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