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The bad news is that you have to script your validation and it can change depending on the data type and format. Validation Example 1: Checking if a Text Box Field is Empty For the first example, we will create a simple function that will ensure the field is empty as well as making sure it doesn’t only contain blank spaces.

In this example, we cancel the validation, when the field is empty or has only whitespaces.

By using Parameter validation you can as validate Text Box values as well; although this isn’t necessary the best method.

For more information on Parameter Validation refer to the about_functions_advanced_parameters help topic.

Use this event to provide custom validation for any input control, such as a Text Box. In other words, the validating control will retain the focus until the user provides the correct format, even if the user clicks another control such as a button or textbox.

I.e., the caret will remain in the textbox until the user enters the correct format.

Let’s update Example 1 to display an Error Message using an Error Provider Control: Next add a Validated event to clear in the Error Provider’s message.

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We recommend referring to Power Shell’s about_Regular_Expressions help topic or type “Power Shell Regular Expressions” in a search engine for more information.

This is done by passing property in the Validating event (because users may not like it when they cannot select another field when the validation fails), then it is recommended to remove the Validated event and update the Validating event as follows: For more complex validation, such as validating an email address, you may need to rely on Regular Expressions.

Regular expressions are useful because it allows you to match complex data by providing formatting information.

One can reduce the need to validate by using the appropriate controls for your data types: Date Time Picker Use this control when you need a date or time.

This control will inherently validate the date field for you; therefore, you need not parse the date or use regular expressions, Mask Text Box Use this control when you need a phone number or other set format.Important: Never attempt to set the Focus of a control in this event because it can cause the script to hang.