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What happens when World War III breaks out an an electromagnetic pulse renders every car on earth undriveable? In a shopping cart like in Cormac Mc Carthy's ? And if you don't own a single bike with a centerstand you need to reevaluate your life.

Not only does utility cycling require all of the skills you've gained from years of recreational cycling, but you can also go ahead and fire your coach because putting your bike into heavy service will hone these skills and teach you new ones at the same time.

It's like snaking your way through tight singletrack, except instead of clipping your bars on a tree you snag your groceries on the rear-view mirror of a parked car—on a bike that weighs as much as a small motorcycle.

Bike loading: You may think you've mastered this after your successful bikepacking trip, but you got to plan everything meticulously beforehand, and while you may have taken precaution to keep your weed dry odds are none of the items you had to transport safely were eggs.

(Or because you're so loaded down you can't go more than six miles per hour.) Yes, that event is called "life," and it's the biggest one of all. Oh, and pick up 36 rolls of toilet paper while you're at it.

Registration is free, but like any revelation you can only arrive at the proper tire pressure through experience and soul-searching.

ONCE cycling team, (UCI team code: ONC) also known as Liberty Seguros, Liberty Seguros–Würth and in succession in its final year, Astana–Würth and Astana was a Spanish cycling team. On , Liberty Mutual ("seguros" means "insurance" in Spanish) pulled out of primary sponsorship due to a doping scandal involving the directeur sportif, Manolo Saiz.

Well, you may fancy yourself an all-arounder, but the truth is you're not a complete cyclist until you embrace and master utility cycling.Racks, panniers, baskets, and trailers are just a few of the items you have at your disposal.