Dating a webley mk vi

01-Oct-2017 06:45

Hackley, Woodin and Scranton Volume 3 page 128 mentions that Frankford Arsenal repacked residual stocks of caliber .30 M1 bullets and cartridges for sale through the DCM program to NRA member circa 1948-1955, and this is probably just a late example of that. military was actively pursuing steel case manufacture to gain experience in case of copper shortages in a future war made use of steel necessary.

Shrink wrapped in plastic for display .00 (View Picture) 22621 BOX 50 ROUNDS .45 DUMMY M1921 - Nice clean full box, LOT FA S-13 with headstamp FA 56. These are great for display where you don't want visitors to get their hands on live ammo, or for use in training or testing or repairs.

This is the full THREE VOLUME SET, not a single volume.

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Detailed information on patents, designers, & manufacturers.[Note: All ammunition is offered as collector's items only.

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