Dating after divorce christian perspective

27-Oct-2017 21:24

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As a valid sacrament, that marriage will never end until death. The Church considers them STILL married sacramentally.

Then the man goes and gets married in a legal civil ceremony to a second woman.

There can arise situations when the Church would not disapprove of a civil divorce.

Let’s say a Catholic couple has a valid sacramental marriage.

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I’ve heard Jimmy give a much more learned explanation than mine. I just did a quick search and grabbed that from the NIV, which I don’t think is the most accurate translation.As then Cardinal Ratzinger, I believe, has said many times, divorce in and of itself is not an impediment to communion. I’m shooting from the hip here, but I’ve always seen that verse this way: In the event that your spouse has left you and is now living with someone else, you may enter into a civil divorce, but this does not mean you are then free to re-marry.Assuming a valid, sacramental marriage in the first place, one would NOT be free to re-marry.19:9 (“I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness, and marries another woman commits adultery.”)?

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Obviously, divorce is a terrible thing, and I’m in no way advocating for it.

The disciples understand that Christ is teaching that the marriage bond, as God intended, is to be permanent. Paul in 1 Cor -11 gives the same understanding that seperated spouses only have two options, to reconcile with each other or remain single. IN the Church a marriage is either sacramental or not sacramental. civil law accepts a Catholic sacramental marriage as a civil marriage.