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07-Oct-2017 06:32

However, due to the lack of sufficient data, the very real risks outweigh the potential benefits.'He recommends women help c-section born babies overcome their lack of vaginal fluid exposure by exclusively breastfeeding them for the first six months. It is reprinted with the permission of Bottom Line/Personal, Are you expecting those Hummel figurines to help pay your kids’ college tuition? Collecting is fun, but it is a perilous investment if you choose the wrong collectibles.Yet, Dr Christopher Zahn from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists warns mothers who unknowingly carry often symptomless STIs like 'silent' chlamydia could transmit the infection to their newborns, which can cause fatal pneumonia.This risk outweighs the insufficient evidence suggesting exposure to 'good' bacteria in the birth canal reduces a baby's risk of developing conditions like asthma and allergies in later life, Dr Zahn said.Each toy that is created by the team comes wrapped in plastic with a special small note attached which reads: 'Just to let you know someone else is wishing you the best for you and your child.'Families who are given the loved-filled gifts are often overwhelmed, the hardworking volunteer said.While the gesture may seem small, it fills a large place in the hearts of many.'All babies have soft toys,' the modest mum said.Mothers could also potentially transmit the herpes virus, which can be symptomless in adults but fatal in newborns if it spreads to their organs.

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Dr Zahn warns the act could infect children with the bacteria responsible for chlamydia and gonorrhea if their mothers are unaware they have an STI.

Mothers who breastfeed for at least two months after a c-section are three times less likely to experience persistent pain than those who do so for a shorter period of time, a study by Our Lady of Valme hospital in Seville found.

Some 23 per cent of women who breastfeed for less than two months report pain at the site of their c-section versus just eight per cent who breastfeed for longer, the research adds.

The concept of giving premature babies a crocheted octopus originated in a Danish hospital in 2013.

The Octo Project, as it is known, is a volunteer service that creates the cuddly cuties for hospitalised premature babies.According to new guidelines issued by the ACOG, there is insufficient evidence to suggest vaginal births substantially reduce the risk of babies later developing conditions like asthma over c-section deliveries, with genetics and diet likely also playing a role.

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