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29-Jul-2017 21:33

(stylized as d ELi A*s) is a direct marketing and retail company composed of two lifestyle brands primarily targeting pre-teen girls (#deliasgirls) 7-13 and teenage girls between the ages of 13 to 19.

It was, in its prime, the leading marketer to 10 to 24-year-old females in the United States.

Jones' version features a big-band accompaniment set to a flamenco rhythm. The song has also been covered many times by other artists, including a reggae cover by Horace Andy, the goth rock band Inkubus Sukkubus on their album Wild, the Irish American punk band Flogging Molly on their live album Alive Behind the Green Door, the Italian operatic pop group Il Volo on their album "Grande Amore", and The Sensational Alex Harvey Band whose single reached No 7 in the UK chart in 1975.

During the summer 1968 edition of the musical contest Cantagiro, the Italian singer Jimmy Fontana sang it with the title "La nostra favola" (however the Italian translation changed the meaning of the original lyrics).

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Waiting until her paramour leaves, at the break of day, he knocks on the door, which she opens, only to laugh in his face. Realising this murderous act, the betrayed lover begs her forgiveness before the police come to break down the door and take him away.

Delia's was popular among college women, as many of its products were affordable and suitable for college-age students.