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08-Dec-2017 09:54

Sambo Dasuki led the fight against the Nigerian militant group between 20 under Goodluck Jonathan, the former Nigerian president, who was defeated in March elections by Muhammadu Buhari.Dasuki is accused of handing out contracts for 12 helicopters, four fighter jets and ammunition, which were supposed to be purchased to assist the Nigerian military in ending Boko Haram’s six-year insurgency. Dasuki denies the allegations but was picked up by Nigerian intelligence agents from his home in Abuja on Monday, according to the BBC.Saleh Mohammed, a member of Civilian JTF – one of a number of vigilante groups that have sprung up to fight the militants – told Reuters: “Boko Haram wreaked havoc in the villages.They burned houses and killed people mercilessly after tricking the residents.”The expensive equipment on prominent display soon prompted questions about who was funding Boko Haram’s campaign of slaughter.

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Anything we want from them we ask them.”But even such alleged financial connections with al-Qa’ida cannot explain Boko Haram’s money.

The Islamic militants, masquerading as members of the military, raided three villages in north-eastern Nigeria this week and killed 400 villagers “from house to house” using “sophisticated weapons”, one local leader told .

Dozens more Boko Haram members arrived at another village, Bargari, disguised as preachers and assembled all those living in the village, ostensibly to teach Islam.

Once they had gathered, another “large number of terrorists” arrived and “opened fire on the congregation”, one resident told Nigeria’s Daily Post.

“The gunmen numbering 20 ambushed the village with four Toyota Hilux vehicles, AK-47 rifles, improvised explosive devices, and petrol bombs,” the paper said.The juxtaposition between rural land and advanced machinery made a jarring contrast.

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