Dating in the army

19-Jul-2017 04:05

I mean, he gave up a regular college experience, safety and waking up next to yours truly so that he could protect us every single day. Most people who have SOs are known to go to them after really long, hard days.

Every time a couple that's been separated by the academy gets back together, it's like the stars have aligned. Maybe they go out to dinner, or maybe they just ask to be held until they feel better. We get those incredibly special Face Time calls instead.

You know that picture where the soldier is kissing the nurse in the white dress? So many times on Facebook and Instagram, I see my friends with their cadets, mimicking those poses.

I honestly feel like I should make a book out of all the beautiful pictures of girls with their SOs.

Now, this does NOT mean you should boss him around.

But he’ll probably appreciate it if you do a share of the date-planning.

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Though I’m no stranger to military men (my grandfather, father and brother were all enlisted), this is the first time I have dated a soldier. I’ve seen a lot of websites that list ten things an Army girlfriend should remember and do, and some of them made great points. And your honey could be shipped out at any time, for months or years. Many of these are difficult and sometimes disturbing. If he wants to talk about his life in the Army, be it the crazy times with the guys in his unit, the tedium of the everyday, or even the tougher times, let him be the one to broach the subject.Why do uniforms always make men look 1,000 times hotter?

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