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15-Nov-2017 19:37

He shares the wealth You're shivering at the taxi rank until he lends you his coat, but it's not quite the gentlemanly gesture you think; "His lending you a jacket, scarf, or even his mobile to make a call is a protective and ownership gesture," says Van Rood.

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A study by Virginia Tech Uni found that girls who cringed or grabbed hold of their dates during horror films became instantly more attractive because this appealed to the man's need to be seen as a protector. "When a man really fancies a woman he may unconsciously start undressing," says Van Rood.resize=768:*" /Force his hand: Show him what you are made of.

Well, we’re officially in the holiday season — which in workplaces is also the season of forced merriment, holiday party gaffes, pressure to donate to extravagant gifts to your boss, and other seasonal pleasures. How about the box of crushed peanut shells that mysteriously appeared in the office gift swap?… continue reading »

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