Dating lachenal concertinas

17-Jan-2018 01:13

Therefore you should be able to estimate an age from the formula How reliable is this?We could start by asking how reliable the starting premises are.(The bulk of the list is harmoniums.) Wheatstone & Co. From internal evidence it is possible to date the lists c. The calculation preserves the relation between the chosen value and “average earnings” for the two dates; this method makes it appropriate for converting wages and capital sums, and also for expensive discretionary products such as concertinas.The calculator deals with both “old money” (prior to 1971) and the later decimalized currency.he was in business for 86 years), (ii) in that time he made 350000 anglo concertinas, (iii) his output was constant.Mathematically, 350000 concertinas in 86 years represents 4070 p.a.I have written dozens of letters with precious little information coming to light.My idea was that concertinas were sometimes sold with a retailer's stamp and a date inside them.

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The 1936 finishing date is documented in an interview which Neil Wayne did in the 1970s with Lachenal employee Tommy Williams, so they are not limiting factors in our formula.If you have any other dates or info to offer, please let him know!

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