Dating nice guys finish last

12-Aug-2017 02:51

But you can’t beat that quiet inner confidence which doesn’t compare to the fake stuff. And starting off by playing games and pretending to be something you’re not will get you single over and over again.

If you lack confidence and masculinity, it won’t matter how nice guy are to women, they just won’t be interested because your mental and emotional weakness will turn them off.

“He’s a creepy, needy, stalker.” The phone call doesn’t change her opinion. So if you’re a nice guy who went on a nice date with a nice girl, try being authentic and call her the next day. And people notice women being with these confident men and thing it’s the part about treating women badly that attracts women. People notice that stark contrast, but aren’t so quick to notice the confident nice guys.

Women don’t like to be treated badly, and they’re not looking for a jerk to treat them badly.

I remind him that at a party, she doesn’t have a hundred men lined up to talk to her. The strength of online dating lies in its ability to give us access to total strangers; the downside is how difficult it is to keep their attention. Finally, we get to talking about the woman he’s writing to. I wrote about this extensively in a chapter from “Why You’re Still Single” creatively called “Don’t Play Games”, but to reiterate: NOTHING GOOD COMES OUT OF PLAYING GAMES. None of those things prevent a guy from being nice. Kindness without confidence is the charge against the wishy-washy “nice guys”.

They spoke on the phone last night for the first time. But if you put confidence and kindness together…well, I’d say you have a pretty irresistible combination of traits for a man. Confident men keep their plans after they make them.While I’m not criticizing the seduction community, it’s important to understand where they fit in.

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