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26-Jan-2018 13:39

Which means more to you: playing video games, or getting to that finish line?

Spending time with your friends, or spending time training?

You are Edward Norton punching the ever-loving shit out of himself over and over again as your brain disrupts every single attempt to make things better.

The reason for this is that they’ve made one of the most common errors imaginable – they forgot that they don’t have unlimited hours in the day.

What I like progress; you’re spinning your wheels and pretending you’re moving.

Reading dating advice blogs means nothing if you’re not going out and putting it into practice.

Some of these choices are easier than others: most people aren’t able to work fewer hours, for example, so you can’t take time out from your job to train for a marathon.

Other times, you decide that the opportunity cost is too high; you take fewer hours at work, but it would come with a commensurate reduction in pay, which would mean having a harder time in other areas that are a priority such as paying bills and being able to afford food.

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But none of that’s going to happen unless you actually You know: all the hard work and literally thousands of hours of effort it takes to actually achieve your dreams. To give a personal example: for a very long time, I wanted to be a professional freelance artist – writing and drawing comics, creating storyboards for movies, book covers, the works! I had a website, a kick-ass portfolio and gumption to spare.I’m not saying that you’ve chosen demanding of your time and hard on your body isn’t a bad thing.