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The Llano complex in Kansas is known only from surface finds of Clovis points (fig. At present, no sites of this paleoindian complex in Kansas have been excavated and no evidence has been found at any of the known localities of a direct association between Clovis points and extinct fauna. Moreover, its identification as Clovis from the photograph is debatable because the presence of a flute is not clear.

The Folsom complex was first recognized in 1926 during the excavation of a bison-kill site near Folsom, New Mexico, by paleontologists from the Colorado Museum of Natural History. Regarding the projectile point as it appears in this photograph (Williston, 1905, p. 89) has stated that it appears to have had a relatively short broad outline, with convex edges and slightly concave base; there are no shoulders nor is there definite fluting of the faces.

The Hell Gap complex is radiocarbon dated between 10,000 and 9,600 yrs B. The best sequences for this complex are the Casper, Agate Basin, Sister's Hill, Carter/Kerr-Mc Gee, and Jones-Miller sites of the High Plains (Frison, 1978, 1983).

The Jones-Miller site is nearest to Kansas, located in northeast Colorado near the town of Wray.

The bison remains were identified as Bison antiquus (Figgins, 1927). There is nothing outstanding in the chipping and workmanship.

Figure 2--Map showing locations, by county, of recorded paleoindian projectile points (adapted from Yaple, 1968, and Stein, 1984).Figure 3--Illustrations of paleoindian projectile points (a-h) and "spurred scraper" (i): a) Clovis, b) Folsom, c) Plainview, d) Agate Basin, e) Firstview, f) Hell Gap, g) San Jon, and h) Meserve/Dalton.(e) and (g) are from Wheat, 1972; (i) is from Frison, 1978. Overton of the University of Kansas Paleontology Department (Williston, 1902, 1905; Sellards, 1947, p. During excavation of fossil bison that were eroding out of a cut-bank, a projectile point was found beneath a scapula. The projectile point recovered from the 12 Mile Creek site was stolen shortly after its discovery.The few excavated sites of late Pleistocene and early Holocene human populations in Kansas are briefly discussed.

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An attempt is made to discern any pattern in the association of paleoindian sites with topographic features and soil complexes.

Recovered cultural remains included "spurred" endscrapers (fig.

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