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Some accommodations made in the 1800s and early 1900s are now being challenged by changing Western civilization.Hence Tongan culture is far from a unified or monolithic affair, and Tongans themselves may differ strongly as to what it is "Tongan" to do, or not do.The following account tries to give both the idealized and the on-the-ground versions of Tongan culture.Names The people of Tonga are referred to as Tongan(s). Livelihood Traditionally, fishing and farming have accounted for the livelihood of a majority of Tongans.This turned out to be the beginning of her professional modeling and acting career.Her acting debut was in the teledrama Poojasanaya and from that point on it was evident that the new Sri Lankan star was born.

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Quotes: Interesting Facts: Tharaka is the winner of the Sirasa kumariya Pagent (2007).

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