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Several fans snapped photos of David Duchovny at St.Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn and uploaded them on social media.but right now it's really good.'I think the coolest things we do are the quintessentially Mulder and Scully moments, the scenes in Mulder's office when we're discussing cases where he's throwing pencils or eating sunflower seeds - they're a lot of fun.'But the whole thing was a little more challenging than I'd expected,' she admits.'Mostly because I've been working hard since the series ended to play women without a trace of Scully in them, and on the whole they've been far more serious than Scully was.The show ran for nine seasons between 19 (it first aired here in early 1994), won 16 Emmy Awards and five Golden Globes and spawned two feature films - and next month the much-awaited new series will begin, complete with the original stars, David Duchovny as Mulder and Gillian Anderson as Scully, as well as Mitch Pileggi as their supervisor Walter Skinner and William B Davis as their nemesis, the mysterious Smoking Man.The series followed the pair as they investigated the FBI's secret X-Files - unsolved cases involving unexplained phenomena or apparent paranormal activity - giving us one of TV's most memorable catchphrases 'The truth is out there'.We understand that we're the only two people who have had this experience together.I think we'd have been better served if we'd realised that earlier on in our lives…

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'We're good friends now, though, and I think we have even more fun together now we're older and recognise the importance of the camaraderie that we have.So it was fairly easy to play her in the more comedic scenes, but I found when I had to do a serious scene I was thinking, "Wait - I remember how Miss Havisham from Great Expectations [the 2011 mini-series she starred in] holds her face but I can't remember what Scully looks like when she's serious!"'Complicating matters was the fact she had to wear a wig for this series.“The second wig was more the original color.” The coherence goes deeper than hair color: Back also is David Duchovny as Fox Mulder, Scully’s colleague, confidant and, later, lover.

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For Anderson — who also plays a witty society matron in the miniseries “War & Peace,” premiering Monday — there was a sense of unfinished business that not even the 2008 movie “The X-Files: I Want To Believe” resolved.

But it wasn't just the spooky plots that had viewers hooked.