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08-Jul-2017 15:31

I guess you can always sound like this if you really want to :“Yo sexay mama, wanna get laid tonight?”or something that sound like this :“I heard there’s a new dessert shop in town and they serve the best chocolate banana cake, wanna try that out sometime, with me…hopefully? (Apologies)I wouldn’t suggest you to change your dentist if you are comfortable and satisfied with her work.You probably wouldn’t want to ask her out when you look somewhat like this : Female teeth doctors are just like anyone else. They have a life off work, they eat and eventually fart and poop like any other normal humans.They appreciate it when people find them nice and cool.If you plan to look for new employment and find something, be sure you explain to the doctor why you're leaving.Do not mention this situation to any new employer as the reason you're leaving because it's gossip and best avoided.Do you have a tough issue in your dental office that you would like addressed?

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But this might also be difficult because typically the office manager or doctor is responsible for following up with completed tasks.Besides, dentists usually work with their assistants and nurses, so it’s quite unlikely to just ask her out in the dental office without the presence of other people.My best bet was to ask her out after her working hours unless she is married with 3 kids to take care of after work.The most important piece of advice I can offer you is this: Are you happy where you are? If it's just the money, then what can you do to ignore or get out of this environment.

If staying is your decision, then go in to work every day with the intention of doing your best and not involving yourself in other's personal lives.The more intimate the practice, the more strict the codes.