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(Make it up and tell him you're wearing something sexy. ) Or tell him you're out shopping in a mini skirt and you forgot to put on panties? If you get stuck then ask him what he'd like you to be doing next.Have fun JAEN Have you thought about a career in that industry...seems like your a natch!!As a general guide though, try just describing 'going down' on him - describe how you're licking/nibbling/whatever certain parts, what you can feel, taste, hear from him, how much it turns you on etc..kind of thing.If you really describe every detail of the 'act' then that'll take up a good few texts and hopefully leave him more than satisfied. Saying you're going to tie them up or let them tie you up seems to be a fave too.Don't jump straight in with my ideas unless you know he wants it OK mate I can help you with this Firstly you have to think like a man.Simple really Send a text telling him what you're wearing. You can make it up as you go along..him you're using some toys or touching yourself, keep each text fairly short and be lead by his replies.Despite such rise, not much work can be found in aspects of preprocessing and cleaning dirty texts from online sources.

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So if i want to get flirty I say I am going to do the dishes but it would be better if he was there to help.

ISSAC is implemented as part of a text preprocessing phase in an ontology engineering system.

New evaluations performed on the enhanced ISSAC using 700 chat records reveal an improved accuracy of 98% as compared to 96.5% and 71% based on the use of only basic ISSAC and of Aspell, respectively.

"Just lie back and let me take care of business."13.

An increasing number of approaches for ontology engineering from text are gearing towards the use of online sources such as company intranet and the World Wide Web.

' He has sent some really sexy texts but I'm struggling to reply.