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His big hit was a song called "I Want Candy," and it was cute, because it was a little kid singing about candy.

A bunch of other little kids really loved it, but then everyone involved grew up.

From the bizarre manner in which he's half-transformed himself into Michael Jackson, to his cringeworthy performance on Howard Stern, the star of show performances of his songs, "Go 4 It" and "Take A Stand." After the first performance was universally mocked, Feldman released a tearful video on Facebook, claiming he was "petrified" to leave his house.

So, naturally it only took a month for him to return to the show with a second, even more baffling performance, complete with a controversy over him throwing an American flag on the floor.

Good luck with ." Sure, maybe it wasn't exactly fair of Mc Carthy to bring some of that stuff up, but does Reid seriously think the media is going to ignore her years of train wreck behavior and just talk to her about her dumb flying shark movie? But where Reid has deluded herself into thinking people are going to treat her Sy Fy channel downgrade like it's in Academy Award contention, Lohan has opted to perpetually tease her career comeback that never seems to happen.

First, there was her press conference during The 2014 Sundance Film Festival in which she announced she would be producing and starring in a film called , which is a title so full of hindsight irony — the film was never made — it's almost too perfect to believe it's true. Though she's now splitting her time between the Middle East and London—her "friend" actually told reboot despite the fact that she's 31 as of this writing, and Ariel was a teenager in that movie.

So, Carter didn't release any music for 14 years, meaning he clearly moved on with his life and changed career paths a long time ago, right? As of this writing, Carter has released a new five-song EP, called LØVË, which he spelled that way because he's a viking now? Anyway, according to an interview with , the album is EDM (Electronic Dance Music) that Carter recorded in his home studio.

Bonaduce claims he and Cassidy were great friends ever since appearance, Bonaduce supposedly reacts for the first time to seeing clips of Cassidy having trouble recalling words to his most famous song.

Then, after Cassidy passed away, Bonaduce penned a guest column for in which he basically says Cassidy died disappointed with his life.

When asked why there was such a long gap between projects, Carter said, "And I guess what took so long was that I was busy learning, figuring out what kind of music I wanted to make.

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And, you know, really seeing what I identified with." So, you'll never guess what conclusion he arrived at.Lately, Feldman's been making the media rounds again to participate in the #Me Too movement by shedding new light on the alleged Hollywood pedophile ring that he's been hinting at for years.

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