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19-Sep-2017 17:01

somewhere, having dug a tunnel and escaped the Henderson family cellar for freedom.

But these guys aren’t demogorgon newbies, and the unlikely duo quickly hatch a plan. They instead drop what appears to be a metric ton of beef cubes in a path, designed to lure Dart to the abandoned school bus that holds many of a fond memory from last season.

Will is obviously declining, but having signed her life away in confidentiality forms, Joyce isn’t left with much choice in how to treat him.

With every moment, he’s melding more and more with the monster, channeling its voice to tell his family and the Hawkins Lab team that they “upset him,” in a quivery but threatening tone.

In an act of foolish bravery, Steve leaves the bus to use his body as bait.

But there isn’t just one Dart — there are at least three if not more, and the group is nearly ambushed.

Within seconds, they’re surrounded by the demogorgons that just hurried off from Dustin, Steve, Lucas, and Max. In the end, Will couldn’t help himself: His conscience won out over the shadow monster and he tried to warn the crew.

After collapsing in pain and screaming that his body feels as if it’s on fire, Will has been taken to Hawkins Lab, where not a single smart old white dude in a sea of smart old white dudes seems to know what’s wrong with him. Owens tests his theory by exposing a bit of the monster to a blowtorch and then watching as Will writhes in tandem agony.

He describes Will’s possession as viral, except in this case, there’s no clear way to kill the disease without killing the host.

The shadow monster feeds off of Will’s life force, and vice versa.

Of course, the top docs at Hawkins Lab aren’t in the business of transparency, and so the alarmingly crimson scans of Will’s brain are kept secret from Joyce, who plummets into a state of unbounded frazzle.

He’s been kidnapped from his own home, sucked into an alternate dimension, and hunted by a demogorgon.

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