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This says good things about you, and it’s a good habit to continue, gratitude to God forall God’s gifts.

Go in peace.”In my rewrite, Jesus speaks directly to the man, focuses on praising his gratitude rather than lambasting the ingratitude of the other 9, and makes no mention of the man’s ethnic, religious heritage.

When I was growing up, a picture of a distinguished, white bearded man hung on the dining room wall. He was someone’s great great grandfather in the 1880’s and he was a farmer and a preacher. My mother recently downsized and asked if any of us kids wanted some of the furniture and paintings from her large home.

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Whenever a family had a tragedy or a joy, Dot was there with food and a kind presence. It was 2 in the afternoon and, as I recall, I was still in my bathrobe. The fall leaves of a lovely Pennsylvania autumn formed a backdrop for the welcome sight she made.

So a few weeks later a large box appeared on my front step.

I opened it up and there was the man from the dining room wall.

As I took his picture out of the box and hung it on my home office wall, I noticed an envelope was taped to the back that had my mother’s handwriting on it. William Holt Thompson, Farmer-Preacher.” Inside, was a typed eulogy.

It ended in this way “Rev Holt faithfully served the Lord all the years of his life, bringing forth harvest from his fields and harvest from his preaching.

The person who makes such acknowledgement experiences a salvation that goes beyond the merely physical cure. I’ve been thinking about people who, recently, have thanked me.