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The create action no longer redirects, but acknowledges the creation of the message.in two browser windows, enter any credentials and post messages, you should see them appearing instantly over all windows.Action Cable does not need a concurrent server like Puma.Instead it makes use of the new Rack socket hijacking API.While development on Action Cable is not done yet, one can try it out given the willingness to copy/paste some boilerplate code. As mentioned in the post below, Action Cable was under heavy development at the point of writing.As is the nature of such things, some of the setup instructions are no longer necessary.

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This is the protocol that gets used when a browser asks for an HTML page, Java Script or CSS assets.If the chat application were to have multiple "rooms", a user could subscribe to each room via a designated channel.On the technical side, Action Cable uses Event Machine to handle connections and spawns a new Ruby thread for handling messages.Given a websocket connection, a server will send an event message to the browser through an open websocket connection, enabling direct interaction between events on a server and the browser.

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Traditionally, the websocket way of handling connections did not integrate well into a Rails application - the process of handling a request in Rails is fundamentally aligned with the request-response-end way HTTP connections are handled.We will have to send and receive messages via Java Script in order to get rid of that nasty refreshing issue.

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