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11-Jan-2018 08:22

She does not need to know about your possessions or income. Saying “you’re beautiful” to a beautiful girl doesn´t mean much when everyone else is saying the same thing.

Latin women have a good appreciation for American humor, but limit your humor to one or two points or they may think you are not serious. Humor is good, but some jokes don´t cross over from one culture to another. Do not overwhelm her with complications, problems, or topics she might not be familiar with. She will want to know what in particular attracted your attention, but try not to say the obvious. Latin American women take pride in their home country, so don´t say anything negative about their country.

It will be impossible for you to be considered “plain.” “Most women in the marriage agency are in college or have a degree.” “Most of the Latin ladies you will meet in our website are well educated.” “Over 90% of the Colombian girls you will meet are college educated.” “Colombian women are well educated and most are financially independent.” “Colombians are the most educated people in Latin America.” “The earning power of a Colombian wife is very good.” While many Colombian women have a good work ethic and learn responsibilities early in life, you should anticipate one to two years of full financial support for your Colombian bride while she improves her English and adjusts to life in the United States.

You should have a clear understanding of what both your economic roles will be.

S.” “Usually it takes from 10-15 days to arrive to destination.” “Your letters and gifts will be delivered directly to the Latin ladies of your choice within 10-14 days!?

” “Our best advice is to be patient.” You can deal with the others´ South American concept of time, Siestaville, or our American standards for speed and ease.

“The women-to-men ratio in Colombia is five Colombian women to one Colombian man.” “Reports range from 3-6 Colombian women for every man.” “So the fact is there are not enough men in Colombia.” “Here in Barranquilla the women greatly out number the men 3 to 1.” “Colombian women greatly out number the men.” “With the Latin women outnumbering the men 3 to 1 due to multiple state drafts.” “Colombia is one of the countries with the largest percentages of single women in the world, approximately 11 to 1 ratio.” “The number of available and beautiful women in Colombia exceeds the number of men.” “Check out a restaurant in Barranquilla called “HENRYS” on a Saturday night.

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The savings alone from buying the engagement ring in Latin America can make the whole process a bargain. She already knows what’s in your profile, so dig deeper.“A tourist visa (good for 30 days) is quite easy to obtain if they don´t already possess one.” “South American women can obtain a tourist or student visa.” “Many of our ladies already have a visa and can come immediately.” “In most cases, Colombian women can obtain a tourist or student visa.” “Most men let their fiancée work or go to school and then they can stay for many years without marriage.” “In many if not most cases, these Latinas can obtain a tourist visa, come to America, select a man, marry him and stay there.” “In most cases, you can be married and have a Latina return home with you within 30 days! Our lawyer can also process your paperwork at a very reasonable fee.” None of the above is true.

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