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Pope Francis also intervened by calling for a 'a renewed commitment for an authentic culture of welcome and solidarity'.Critics however said that the aggressive move by Austria was an attempt to prevent an upsurge in support for the country's far-right Freedom Party ahead of an election in September.The announcement came as Austria prepared to deploy troops in a bid to block migrants trying to cross its border with Italy and EU officials warned that the crisis could last for decades.Yesterday it emerged that the number of migrants crossing the Mediterranean to Europe this year has passed 100,000 and nearly 2,250 have died making the journey.Pointing to further problems ahead, he said: 'I will tell you this this migration issue will not go away, not today, not tomorrow, not next year, not for a decade, not for two decades.'This is a global phenomenon that will be with us for generations.'The intervention, which also included more financial support to Italy, followed days of concern and threats from officials in Rome to block charity boats carrying rescued migrants.Amid fears that requests for EU countries to provide more assistance to Italy could lead to clashes, a diplomatic row already broke out with Austria yesterday.

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Pointing towards his hope of British support, the Brussels boss said the scheme would 'meet the requirements which the British government in the past have always set'.'It's an exercise we need to do at the European level and we count on solidarity from all member states including the United Kingdom,' he added.Follow the road around the bend to the right and then continue straight.