Fraternity dating rules

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For example, a character might say to a bald person, "Can I get you anything? Sometimes, an event needs to be shown three times to establish that a variation to the norm is happening.The first time the audience sees this event, they see it happening a certain way, but they don't yet know that this is typical.The trope is also incredibly common in fairytales and ghost stories that are part of oral tradition.The reason above is important, as audiences don't have a good idea of how this ghost/gnome/witch would typically behave, and it works well for building tension too. You get three times the story padding for only having to remember one short story and some minor variations.See also Basic Conflicts and other plot devices which often come in 3s or 7s, and Three Rules of Three, a wiki guideline.Not to be confused with 4, unless you're counting elements, bodily fluids, and other dimensions. Benson: I soaked them in bleach and then pounded them with a mallet!

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She recently insisted that she 'has no time for a boyfriend'.Variations on this trope include uses of 5, 7, 12, and convenient multiples of 5 afterwards (i.e., 25 or 50, but not 35 or 70).