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It’s a shame our education system places so much emphasis on testing.

But when testing determines your child’s school placement, you have to act!

Preorder Warfighter, get access to the BF4 beta, the deal went.

Read More » EA and DICE kinda sorta announced Battlefield 4 back in July when they were shilling for Medal of Honor Warfighter.Note: We're about to delve into MAJOR SPOILER territory. Minecraft studio Mojang, a group of indie studios, and the folks behind the Humble Bundle have teamed up for Mojam 2, a 78-hour game jam that starts right now.Watch along via Twitch TV and be prepared to pay what you want for any new pixelated creations that catch your eye.Read More » Despite the popularity of '90s classics like Wing Commander, X-Wing vs Tie Fighter, and Freespace, the combat space sim genre has been as dormant as a white dwarf for more than a decade.

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Thanks to crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, however, there may be some light at the end of the wormhole for Luke Skywalker and Buck Rogers wannabes.

Read More » So, we didn't like Aliens: Colonial Marines. But what if there had been another Aliens game entirely?

On top of that, he starred as Travis Welker in Tremors 5. Now that we can be sure that no wedding plans are going on, we look back at Kennedy’s previous relationship.… continue reading »

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